Better in the dark than his rider, Francesco Merlini
Review, American Suburb X, 2023
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Who are you, Polly Maggoo?
inCf Magazine n°3, Sunday Best, guest editor Elettra Simos, 2023
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Towards a Hysteric Photography, 
Lay Her Down Upon Her Back, Róisín White,
Landskrona Dummy Award, Witty Books and Breadfield Press, 2023

A Scorched Gaze. Nicola Novello’s The Act of Looking
upcoming, 2023

Emerging from Darkness: Kohei Yoshiyuki’s The Park. Thoughts on Response-Ability.
The Light Observer, Darkness Issue, 2022

Molting, Molding, Mourning
How To Raise a Hand, Angelo Vignali, Witty Books, 2022

Beyond Vision: Five Reflections on Picture-Making
ITALIA 90, exhibition catalogue, Condominio, 2021

An Imaginary Archeology: Diachronicles and the Space of Omissions
Diachronicles, Giulia Parlato solo exhibition catalogue
CameraWork, Palazzo Raponi 2, 2020

On the sustainability of freelancing
Over Journal, issue 01, 2020

A Passionate Practice: Peter Watkin’s The Unforgetting
Skinnerboox Notesblog, 2019
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Homecoming in the Hereafter.
Relevance and visibility of the colonial past in contemporary Britain.
MA thesis, University of Sussex, 2019

Speculating on Single Images: Wolfgang, by David Fathi
Skinnerboox Notesblog, 2018
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SCREENED: Thoughts on Invisibility
Ardesia Projects, SCREENED exhibition catalogue, Brighton Photo Fringe 2016
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